Thursday, April 15, 2021

Five most severe places in Vietnam

Dong Van Stone Plateau

Dong Van Plateau’s topography is all barren mountains with rocks and stones in Ha Giang province, which make it difficult to agriculture. Ethnic people have to carry soil on their shoulders to ram in the stone holes to make it usable for planting in the mountain sides.

Hoang Lien Son range

Hoang Lien Son range is located between Lao Cai and Lai Chau provinces and run to the West of Yen Bai province. Phansipan Mount. (3412m Height), the rooftop of Dong Duong, is also located in this range. There are small amount of people living here due to the tough topography and cold weather in winter.

Mau Son

About 30km to the East of Lang Son city, Mau Son is the high mountainous area with the altitude of 800 – 1000 m. It is located in the north east of Lang Son in two districts of Cao Loc and Loc Binh. This is next to the border of Vietnam and China. This place is always the coldest place in Vietnam. There are some spots can reach under zero and acquired ice and snow.

Quang Tri

Being the fiercest land in the American War, Quang Tri province suffers most badly from the war. Quang Tri also has highest portion of polluted soil by bomb and mine, about 83.3% of natural soil. Since 1975, there are over 2,600 deaths and 7,000 injured from accidents by bomb and mine. 31% of those are children. There must be many decades needed to resend the peacefulness to this sunny windy Central part.

Truong Sa (Spratly Islands)

Truong Sa is located in Khanh Hoa province with 7 islands and 14 sandbars. There are no soils and little fresh water in the islands. It often suffers from storm. Apart from the providing from the mainland, people and soldiers in the island have implemented many ways to push producing, planting, fishing and using the new technology like solar energy, water filtering from sea water, etc to create a proper living condition and protecting the lands.

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