Monday, July 6, 2020

Hmong peopl wedding ceremory

Hmong people  only  get  married  to those they love and it is common for a Hmong  girl to leave her home to follow her lover. The unique custom of “wife-abduction” is still practiced today in many Hmong communities.

When a young man comes to abduct a girl, she must still be seen to “resist” him in order to prove her value, even though she consents to the match.

On a bright moonlit night, a Hmong man will lean a ladder against his lover’s window and play her a romantic tune on a khen (bamboo mouth organ), a primitive reed instrument made from forest leaves. When the girl opens her window, he will climb up the ladder, seize her and run off into the forest with her.

After spending three days together, the couple will return home and ask their parents’ permission to get married. Members of the Hmong ethnic minority are not allowed to marry people who bear the same family name, as this is considered being relatives.

Thu nhỏ
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