Thursday, April 15, 2021

Miến Lươn (Eel vermicelli)

The eel is crispy fried, the stock water is limpid with little greasy and sweet. That is a bowl of Miến Lươn. Miến Lươn is a famous food and favored in Hanoi. However, it is not so familiar in Sai Gon, and it would be a little bit difficult to find the food stall with this dish.

The food is exactly like its name with only cassava vermicelli (Miến) and eel (Lươn). The eel is fried crispy with the size of a big chopstick. When you eat this food, there are two ways of eating Miến Lươn with the mixed dry one and the water Miến Lươn. The mixed Miến Lươn is similar to the dry noddle with seasoned and sauté beef (Hủ Tiếu) of the South, however, the vermicelli is blanched with boiling water, mixed with spices and topped with some crispy fried eel. It is served with the other herbs like marjoram, perilla, etc and chilli sauce and a bow of stock water.

The Miến Lươn is favored by so many people because it could shows up all the delicious and quintessence of the food. Beside the vermicelli and eel, the stock water is also highly important. The stock water is limpid, not greasy, and special sweet. The shop owner said it is made from the stock of pig bone, chicken bone, and eel bone stew. It is boiled in a long time and skimming the fat continuously to keep its limpid.

The Miến Lươn is simple with vermicelli and crispy eel, stock water and some fragrant herbs. Having the dish, we could see the tough of the casava vermicelli of North Vietnam. The eel meat is crispy and melting in the mouth. The stock water is moreish with the fragrant of herbs. The hot bowl of Miến Lươn is suitable with the rainy days. However, the eel meat has the property of coldness; therefore it is very good to eat in hot days.

Thu nhỏ
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