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Sapa love market – a cutural beauty of Sapa

Sapa Love market is a traditional culture of the ethnic people. It is not just for marriage hopefuls. In this rural area, it is also the social event of the year, where old friends meet up and new ones are made.

Sapa Love market is a traditional culture of the ethnic peoples like Mong, Dao in Lao Cai in particular, and in the northwestern region of Vietnam in general since long times ago. This is due to the villages far away from the center, the fair usually meets every week on Sunday morning. Previous night (usually weekly Saturday), boys and girls from the villages come to in advance to meet and communicate each oher (usually playing game, blowing Khen La, singing …)
The word “love market” is considered as a social category of love, marriage. People can explain it, but can not give it a definition of these two words put together. Because market is where people come for exchanges but the “ love” here is not sold or bought. So, what is called fair!
Love Market is especially well known as Sapa Love Market – a major tourism attractive place for tourists both domestic and foreign. The small town lies in sub-temperate, cool in al season . Snow falls in winter so it makes the Love market more romatic and attractive

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