Saturday, July 4, 2020

Goddess Ponagar festival

The Goddess Ponagar Festival opened in Khanh Hoa, Vietnam on May 5, attracting over 100 groups of pilgrims from many provinces and cities.

This is a major festival in the southern part of the central region and the Central Highlands in Vietnam, which is associated with the legend of and the worship of Goddess Ponagar, who is credited as the mother of Viet and Cham people in the central region.

The festival will run through May 8.

Candles were lighted up at the Ponagar Tower.
Thousands of people flocked to the festival.
Over 100 groups of pilgrims attended the opening day.
Getting into the tower to perform rituals.
An old man beats a drum to open the festival.
A band using traditional Cham musical instruments.
Cham dances.
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